Thrift Store

I’ve seen it firsthand...Second Mile walks the walk in the community to strengthen our neighborhoods.


Hours Volunteered

The Neighborhood Thrift Store is a part of our Pride for Parents initiative, which provides opportunities for families to use the resources they have to get what they need while protecting their pride and dignity.

This program is designed to preserve the dignity of families by making the items available at affordable prices. We do not give anything away free because providing for one’s own family maintains personal dignity and strengthens the family unit.  However, parents can work and earn store credit to cover the cost items they want to purchase.

The majority of the employees at the Neighborhood Thrift Store live in the surrounding neighborhoods. Working at the store allows them to participate in building their community by serving their neighbors and others in need. Donations and proceeds from the thrift store help support the Second Mile Preschool and the Baby Care Program.

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