Parent Initiative

I’ve seen it firsthand...Second Mile walks the walk in the community to strengthen our neighborhoods.


Local Schools Served

Parent Initiative seeks to increase parent engagement and teach parents how to support their children’s academic success. The program focuses on fostering positive, supportive relationships among parents, teachers and students at schools. The program started in 1993 when some Second Mile staff members learned that the neighborhood elementary school needed help to increase parent involvement. The initial goal was to build relationships with the parents, increase the PTA membership, and show the parents how volunteerism helps support the school. Over the years, we have conducted Parent Teacher Association (PTA) membership drives, recruited parent and community volunteers, and sponsored parent and student recognition events.

In 2002, we created Parent Parties® as an alternative to the traditional workshop or meeting to present parent education and promote parent involvement in a fun, relaxed environment. The innovative program uses interactive games and activities that teach participants specific engagement strategies that can be used to support students’ academic and personal success.

About four years later, a team at Teledyne/Brown helped us develop and market the Parent Parties® training curriculum.  We promote the curriculum at parent education conferences and events around the country. The Parent Parties® curriculum has been purchased and used by educators in 49 states, and we continue to use and promote it as a component of the Parent Initiative program.

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