I’ve seen it firsthand...Second Mile walks the walk in the community to strengthen our neighborhoods.


Years of Service

Terry Heights and Hillendale Organization a neighborhood association that builds relationships with residents and offers assistance where needed. Our mission is to work alongside our neighbors and help them fully utilize all available resources to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe neighborhood.

THHO host quarterly community meetings to build partnerships with government officials and community leaders to increase awareness and access to important agencies and services. It also host job fairs, health fairs and a weekly farmers market each summer to increase access to employment opportunities, health services and nutritious food. The goal is to strengthen the neighborhood by empowering residents to work together to address problems and advocate for their needs.

The THHO neighborhood association works with residents to help maintain a clean, safe, healthy neighborhood and foster a sense of pride in the community. We encourage the discussion of ideas that affect the neighborhood and promote cooperative action. Our goal is to empower the residents to have a voice and work toward addressing common neighborhood concerns.

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