The 29:11 Story

I’ve seen it firsthand...Second Mile walks the walk in the community to strengthen our neighborhoods.


Income Paid to Beaders

The 29:11 Story ministry creates beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry that provides spiritual and financial support to women and their families.  The jewelry was inspired by a mother’s struggle with God after the death of her son.  It tells the story of God’s plan to give us all a hope and a future and to prosper us.

The ministry has three distinct missions: 1) Bring together women from diverse backgrounds into our fellowship as we learn to run a business; 2) spread God‘s Word and His perfect plan; and 3) prosper God’s children at The Second Mile Preschool.

Our goal is to empower economically disadvantaged women, give them a voice and help them support their families. We do this by providing a safe space for them to fellowship, share and create while earning an income, and the profit from the jewelry sales goes to support the preschool scholarship program. 

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