Baby Care

I’ve seen it firsthand...Second Mile walks the walk in the community to strengthen our neighborhoods.

Baby Care provides relational support to young families and makes it possible for them to purchase needed items at affordable prices. The program’s mission is to serve the needs of new parents and promote the healthy development of young children from birth to age four. It seeks to engage young parents at a critical crossroad in their lives, develop meaningful relationships, and share the great news of God’s Kingdom. 

The program started when a small 1,500 sq. ft. building was transformed into The Neighborhood Baby Thrift Store to offers expectant mothers and parents a safe, inviting place to shop for their infants and young children.

The store is a thriving facility complete with a children’s library that has Christian videos and books to entertain little ones while their parents shop.  Volunteers help expectant mothers and families find what they need for infants to four year olds including maternity wear, children’s clothes, toys, strollers and much more.

We do not give anything away free because providing for one’s own family maintains personal dignity and strengthens the family unit.  However, parents can work and earn store credit to cover the cost items they want to purchase. Donations are the sole source of our inventory, and the store is run by a staff member and a team of volunteers. We could not provide this family-affirming service without this community support.

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